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3rd Year Program

NOT OFFERED 2009-2010

The NFS Third Year program is open to eighth and ninth graders as an integrated curriculum of English satirical literature, Fine Arts, French, and Renaissance-to-Revolution History.

Previously offered in our 2nd Year, the difficult reading and increased individual time management demanded by this class require that students have a mature, focused attitude.

While we are flexible in accepting students into the appropriate year for their development, it is preferable that students have successfully completed the Second Year Program before joining this class. Many of the literature selections connect with readings from the Second Year; without the proper background, students will simply miss many of the connections they could otherwise forge for themselves.

World History

Offers students a cultural and literary perspective of important European historical events. Beginning with the Renaissance, and ending with the Russian Revolution, the class provides an introduction to European, Middle Eastern and world history. It traces the major upheavals in Europe and its rising power internationally.

Students in this class will be expected to read assigned chapters in the textbook and related readings, prepare for geography and written exams, and participate in class discussion and "Interact Units". Most of the writing for this course is done in class using topics from AP European history. The writing will be similar to what students will experience taking the PSAT as well as the SAT II.

At the end of this course, students should have a basic, objective understanding of European & Middle Eastern historical events, as well as knowledge of European and Middle Eastern geography.

Third Year English

This class includes further analysis of literature and formal essay-writing skills, as well as new techniques of "creative" writing, such as paradox & synesthesia in poetry, satire, and creative technical writing in resumes and application essays.

In the Third Year, we study British authors who affected ideas during the period from 1450 to 1900. Selections from Sir Thomas More's Utopia, Thomas Hobbe's Leviathan, and John Locke's essay, "Of Civil Government" reveal Man's view of humanity and how it has shaped the world; Well's story, The Time Machine, Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and George Orwell's Animal Farm all continue variations of this theme.

Shakespeare's exploration of human nature adds yet another element to our understanding of history in the third year. Beginning with the comedy, As You Like It, we read selected sonnets; Romeo and Juliet; Henry IV, Part I; Othello; and The Tempest. Our study of poetry and satire includes the "Metaphysical" poetry of Donne, Marvell, Herbert, Herrick, Crashaw, & Vaughn.

In preparation for the SAT and other standardized tests, we cover elements of grammar, including diagramming sentences, vocabulary (including 1st & 2nd Year words) coordinated with the reading selections, and TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS.

Third Year students are expected to keep assignments in a daily planner, and to take full responsibility for knowing what it is they have to do and WHEN it is due. Students learn to create a "Master Schedule" of their day, thus discovering "free time" they never knew they had.


Integrated into the four-day 3rd Year Program schedule, French will introduce 3rd Year students to the advantages of seeing the world through new eyes. An hour-long class once/week will help students build a basic comfort with speaking French as they explore the French culture, food, and lifestyle.

Fine Arts

Integrated into the four-day 3rd Year Program schedule, the fine arts curriculum includes twenty hours in which students explore the techniques of artists in the Rennaissance, the French Impressionist Period, and Muslim cultural art. Artwork will be displayed during the year at the North Fork School before students bring it home.

Art classes are scheduled into the four-day core program week, both as a break from the increased difficulty of the 3rd Year academic work, and as an enhancement to students' understanding of the countries and time periods their courses will cover. Students will continue to have Fridays "off" to study at home.

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