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The North Fork School offers highly-challenging, integrated humanities curriculum alternatives to public education. For more information on each of our programs, go to:

Writing Workshop Offered as a separate class to students in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, Writing Workshop is an integral part of all NFS English programs. In Writing Workshop, students learn to see their writing as a process, rather than merely as a product. Students offer one another editing advice as they learn to draft and revise every piece of their writing within a supportive, guided writers' circle.

First Year Program The First Year Program offers sixth and seventh graders an integrated curriculum of English, Fine Arts, and Drama, as we look at the relationships between Ancient Cultures (Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Rome), and the Middle Ages. Vocabulary and a study of grammar set the stage for gradual development of essay-writing skills.

Second Year ProgramThe Second Year Program integrates English, Fine Arts, and American History for seventh and eighth graders. Beginning essay-writing and public-speaking skills guide students toward taking charge of their own academic growth.

Third Year ProgramThe Third Year Program expands skills by integrating Renaissance-to-Revolution History with a study of English satirical literature. Works by Donne, Shakespeare, Swift, Huxley, Wells, and Orwell extend students' analytical writing skills. In the third year, eighth and ninth graders learn time management skills and take personal responsibility for being successful students.

High School CoursesFollow this link to read about opportunities in High School English and History.

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