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The North Fork School
PO Box 2127
McCall, ID 83638


The North Fork School offers part-time enrollment so that students in McCall, Idaho may remain fully enrolled in their public school programs.

By reducing public school class sizes, yet not diminishing per-student school funding, the North Fork School promotes a symbiotic relationship with local public schools while offering increased academic challenge to students.

Understanding that students find academic motivation and success through individual achievement, The North Fork School challenges students to explore their own intellectual potentials.

An integrated humanities curriculum facilitates students' abilities to connect ideas across subject areas and their unique life experiences. North Fork School humanities and mathematics programs maintain that learning is a process in which students have the key role.


To provide a challenging, integrated, academic college-preparatory curriculum which students may combine with their public, home, private, or online school schedules.

To encourage students' personal responsibility for their own intellectual successes.

To offer individual academic and intellectual milestones which balance the prevalence of recreational and athletic opportunities in McCall.

To create an atmosphere where students appreciate and cherish the life of the mind.


North Fork School teachers aim to:

Maintain a safe learning environment which reflects basic values of hard work, responsibility, honesty, and respect.

Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication which allows for immediate, creative resolution of discipline problems.

Encourage the highest level of communication skills in both traditional and current technologies, so that students will leave the NFS with skills suited to their positive, productive lives as responsible citizens in a global society.

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