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High School Application

This is the North Fork School Online Application Form for High School Classes. Fill out the following fields, print a copy for your records, then press "SUBMIT". The application will be forwarded by email to Marie. Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: The AP English & AP/Honors American Literarure classes are for students who choose to be in them & who want to do the work on time. Simply attending class without being able to participate in our learning is not enough.

If your parents are making you take either of these classes, you should not sign up for them. Students who do not do the reading on time, or who do not have assignments ready by the due dates, will be asked to leave that class.

* * * PRIVACY POLICY * * *

The information provided on this form will not be shared with any individual, organization, or business outside of The North Fork School. It will be kept with each student's records in a secure place, and will be used only for the purposes of communicating with each student's family.

Student Information


Grade in Sept. 2004:


2004 State Writing Assessment OR PSAT scores:

E-mail Address:

Street or PO Box address:

City, State, Zip:


Parent Information

Mother's Name:

Mother's E-mail Address:

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Work Phone:
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Father's Name:

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English: ENGLISH I




World History II (type "yes" or "no"):

Please respond thoughtfully to the following questions...your answers will determine the parameters for your self-evaluations next year.

Why are you making the choice to work so hard in NFS classes when you have an easier option available to you?:

How will the work you do in NFS this year benefit your future?:

What is a good teacher? How do you know if you have one?:

What is a good student? Are you one? Explain how or how not:

Name three academic ideas or skills you would like to explore in class this year:

What qualities will you bring to this class
that will benefit your classmates' education?:

What do you hope to learn from them?:

How will coming out of MDHS to attend NFS affect your High School experience?:

For the following section, you may want to use a word processing program or paper for your draft. When you have your piece finished, cut & paste it into the window of your application below. Windows are limited to 50 lines, so if your piece is longer than that, just email it to me from our website at: http://www.webpak.net/~furever.

Describe your dream High School English or History class. While you are dreaming, keep in mind that the class you create must have an end in mind; that is, it must prepare you for a future life that IS NOT a fantasy: