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First Year Program Application

See you in September!!!">

This is the North Fork School Online Application Form for the First Year Program in Ancient Cultures & the Middle Ages. Fill out the following fields, print a copy for your records, then press "SUBMIT". The application will be forwarded by email to Marie. Thanks.

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The information provided on this form will not be shared with any individual, organization, or business outside of The North Fork School. It will be kept with each student's records in a secure place, and will be used only for the purposes of communicating with each student's family.

Warning: This application contains an essay at the end...please read the essay question FIRST, and only fill in the top part of the application when your work is complete, because your information will be lost if you stop & come back later.
Student Information


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Class: First Year Program

Please respond thoughtfully to the following questions.

Why do you want to enter the North Fork School Program?:

What are your interests/hobbies/sports/favorite classes?:

What are your goals for this course?:

For the following question, you may want to use a word processing program or paper for your drafts. When you have your piece finished, cut & paste it into the window of your application below. The window is limited to 100 lines, so if your piece is longer than that, just email it to me from our website at : http://www.webpak.net/~furever.

You are always learning new things about yourself, the world around you, and other people. Your body is constantly changing, too: making new cells, new skin, new hair; taking on a new shape as you become an adult. As you become wiser, your thoughts and feelings about life deepen. With these changes happening every day of your life, are you really the same person you were yesterday?

Answer with an essay, supporting your answer with stories from your own life which illustrate why you are (or aren't) the same person today: