English II Pieces



by Jaeda Moyer

Bass roars: loud as
a lion protecting its cub,
scaring weakness into
every charcoal shadow.
Beats race, faster than cheetahs on steroids.
Prey hide beneath large clumps
of eighth notes.
Volume dies.
Light pink tangerine sun rises:
a gentle hummmmm
mellows out its tone,
allargando, as the song

Two Species Alike

by Emme Richards

Cats are mysterious creatures. I too, am shrouded in mystery. Perhaps it is because I am shy and quiet like an Abyssinian or elusive like a Balinese. As a cat person, I see similarities between me and my feline companions. Our personalities change with the weather, the food we eat, or even a simple, unwelcome touch. I am affectionate yet distant. I wisely choose the people I spend my precious time with. I am a wallflower. I observe everyone's daily actions from afar. Earning my trust is not an easy task; I have to get to know a person first. At times, I seem like I have no cares in the world but, in actuality, every detail matters.

While I have the complex personality of a cat, I sometimes also long to really be one. I would love to be a lazy kitty, who is fed constantly and receives incessant attention. I want a feline's sharp wit, and warm, radiant fur. Owning cats has put things into perspective for me. I take their purrs for granted when it is really a great honor to be given attention from such a majestic creature. Sometimes, I do not recognize when people go out of their way to do something nice for me. I can hardly figure myself out with my feline personality, but I am glad I can surprise people with all my hidden abilities. With great gifts come great responsibilities. Purrr. . .

Winter Glow

by Emme Richards

Glimmering crystals;
wonderful pearly world
atop rolling hills.
Chilly birch treetops
shiver in piercing wind.
Lonely blades of barley
resist this blank canvas,
waving weakly
beneath azure sky.

Surplus of Supplies

by Jaeda Moyer

Walking into a store at the beginning of August, any sun-tanned gleeful teen catches a glimpse of back-to-school supplies and suddenly, a darkened mood arrives. Colorful rows of cheap supplies are a harbinger that summer is almost over. I do not appreciate returning to school, but relish the fun supplies I acquire. I have a strange collection of erasers, mini staplers, mini binders, pencils, and crazy pens. I am not obsessed; just a unique collector.

Supplies motivate me for school, because I need an excuse for purchasing school necessities for my collection. As a sophomore, I need multiple colors of highlighters, sticky notes, random items to tinker with when boredom strikes, flash cards, binders, etc. I am able to accomplish anything with my trusty peanut eraser in hand.

I do not know when my collection started, but I will never stop buying stationery. In elementary school, I was cool for having such fun supplies. High schoolers typically have trouble finding a single pencil and ask me to borrow a writing utensil. I have an advantage over other students by coming to class prepared. On bad days, school supplies bring security and a safety net: one task is going as planned. I receive better grades than those students asking for pencils. I enjoy having my schoolwork under control with my well-arranged process. My life is organized so I can tackle my goals, but first comes homework.

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