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Welcome to our user-friendly education links. Read the listed website descriptions, then select one from the pop-up menu, and press GO. Enjoy the sites!

Research HELP & Directories

Jim Pace has created a page of links to help students learn internet/search skills for research projects this year. Select

Jim's Links
to begin organizing your search.

The Libraries Linking Idaho Project makes available databases that offer free access to full-text periodical databases. These include:

Infotrac (password = idahoeval)
EBSCO (username = mccall; password = public)

Select LiLI to access these sites.

The Citation HELP link is a site at the Libraries of Arizona State University which will help you format your bibliography entries. Fill in the blanks in the form & submit your information: the site will pop up an example of your citation in MLA format.

The Capital High School Library has great research databases, which include:

SIRS (username = id0325h password = capital),
EBSCO & Culture Grams (username = capital; password = eagles),
BigChalk Proquest (username = caplibrary; password = eagles),
Biography Resource Center (password = bois_log),
GaleNet (password = capital),
INFOTRAC (password = boisesd),
World Book (username = boisewb; password = idaho),
CIS (username = capital; password = boisedistrict03),
Bridges (username = 0017101; password =capital)

Fibonacci & Writing Links

Numbers In Nature reveals the secrets of the Fibonacci sequence in an exhibit from the Annenberg/CPB video, Renaissance.

Poetry As We See It is a new Thinkquest site created by 5th graders in Nevada. You can send them your poetry to publish on their site....Also, you can practice various poetic techniques through little quizzes that are fun & easy...go try it!

Dr. Ron Knott's website on Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section in Nature is a great place to explore the Fibonacci sequence. His site allows you to see many of the ideas we have been discussing this year.

Writing & Literature Resources

Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus puts definitions & synonyms at your fingertips, even when you are writing at home. No excuses for "dead" words!!!

The Children's Literature Web Guide is a fun, fairly comprehensive guide to online literature & writing resources for kids.

Inkspot Young Writer's Page is the U18 webpage of Inkspot, a writers' online magazine & resource. Kids can submit pieces here for email critiques by Inkspot's online readers...
* * * WARNING to students: be sure you have your parents' permission to do this...it puts your email address out into the world for people to send you comments on your pieces!

COMMON USAGE ERRORS is Washington State University Professor Paul Brians' page of correct ways to use the English Language. You will find arguments for using many of the "errors" we try to weed out of our papers on this page, so if you are attached to writing things YOUR WAY, and want to pose an argument for keeping your language as it stands, go to this link to find proof for your point.

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