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High School & 8th Grade Students

English II -- Honors World Literature
(10th graders):

Bailey Hoover
Kirsten Wiking
Kathryn Pope
Kelsey Mack
Garnet Kwader
Katie McDaniel
Amellia Quapp

all English II students

2rd Year (7th, 8th & 9th graders):

William Weston
Jacqueline Batchelor
Carley Charles
Garret Spenst
Luke Jensen
Cassie Drake
Mary Parker

all 2nd Year students

Middle & Elementary School Students

1st Year (6th & 7th graders):

Garrett Summerfield
Rachael Miller
Dina Williams
Margaret Pope
Stearne Briem
Alex Crogh
Gerrit Egnew

all 1st Year students

Writing Workshop (4th & 5th graders):

Bryn Kennell
Heidi Carter
Mitch Williams
Collin Loveall
Amanda Batchelor
Conner Charles
Betsy Sabala
Kellen Crawford
Sara Ivey
Hanna Veal
Chase Hays
Louis Weston

all WW students

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