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The Blue Moon Literary Review

Forty students contributed sixty-five written pieces and eighteen drawings to the fourth issue issue of Blue Moon.

Contributors include students from Donnelly Elementary School, McCall Elementary School, Payette Lakes Middle School, McCall-Donnelly High School, and The North Fork School.

Contributors to this issue include:

Thye Basabe, Steven Becker, Lily Berman, Jared Bork, Tyler Bork, Kali Borkoski, Matt Brodhecker, Erin Coyle, Kelsie Darling, Alina Everett, Laurel Faurot, Kristen Gantz, Crystal Hartley, Nathan Hattrup, Cassia Hershenow, Hannah Hoke, Marshall Hoke, Nic Holland, Chase Johnson, Toby Johnson, Kyrie Jorgensen, Holly Martens, Ian McClaran, Casey McManus, Chase Milleman, Ryan Mulnick, Nicole Powell, Ellie Quarton, Jess Quarton, Laura Reed, Willy Smart, Trevor Smith, Larissa Spady, David Theide, Raphael Tiago, Jackie Van Rixel, Bret Van Velzen, Krista Van Velzen, Tara Van Velzen, and Trinity Willhoyt.

Enter here for a chance to win a free issue of a Volume of your choice of The Blue Moon Literary Review. See hidden contest rules in Volume 4 of Blue Moon.


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The Blue Moon Literary Review is a literary magazine representing the work of students & friends of the McCall-Donnelly School District. Published by The North Fork School "once in a Blue Moon", when there are enough pieces to warrant a publication, the magazine showcases poetry, short stories, essays, plays, narratives, and artwork by kids.

Sponsored by both the McCall Arts & Humanities Council and The North Fork School, Blue Moon requests submissions from both schooled and home-schooled students in the McCall-Donnelly School District. North Fork School English program students edit all pieces, returning them to their authors with suggestions for revisions. Every revised piece is then accepted for publication.

In this way, The Blue Moon Literary Review provides a chance for students to receive helpful feedback on their work; to learn the process of writing on pieces of their own choosing; and to learn that writing is a process rather than a product. Finally, Blue Moon provides a public outlet for the results of students' hard work.

Submission Guidelines

The Blue Moon Literary Review will accept poetry, short stories, plays, narratives, and the occasional book review (NOT book reports), as well as black & white artwork.

Submissions should be typed (12-point type, double-spaced), and should include the author's name, age, and phone number. Pieces should be NO LONGER THAN 1000 words (about four pages).

Artwork must be BLACK & WHITE. We may need to shrink artwork to fit our pages (4" X 5.5").

You may email submissions by clicking the address at left, or mail your piece to us. All pieces will be edited and returned to you for revisions. Our goal is to help you make each piece as good as it can possibly be, and to publish a high-quality review of students' work.

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