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North Fork School Attendance Policy

Consistent attendance is essential to students' academic success. While the North Fork School is very flexible in accommodating the race schedules and family needs of active students, even excused absences negatively impact performance. There is simply no way a student can "make up" missed discussions or in-class activities by doing extra reading at home.

With the ideal of 100% attendance in mind, North Fork School teachers will:

-- Take daily attendance
-- Note late arrivals on the attendance record
-- Note # of class days and # of missed classes on student evaluations

Due to the small sizes of our classes, we request that parents notify teachers well in advance of planned absences, so that lesson plans may be adjusted if necessary. As class discussions are more effective when the entire class is present, allowing teachers to plan around such absences benefits the entire class.

Students who miss more than 35% of scheduled class meetings will not receive credit for that class.

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