Tocqueville: Interpretive Questions

Why does o you Tocqueville believe that as industrial science continually lowers the standing of the working class, it raises that of the masters?

Why does Tocqueville think that men can be the happiest in the world but at the same time feel sad and discontent?

Why does Tocqueville say Americans are restless about what they want?

Why does Tocqueville say that a manufacturing aristocracy is one of the hardest things that can appear on earth but is also be the least dangerous and most restrained?

Do you agree with Tocqueville that only American citizens are tormented by the so-called malady of restlessness?

Why does Tocqueville think that industry resembles aristocracy?

Is Tocqueville putting a label on all Americans saying that they are not appreciative for what they already have?

What is the reason Tocqueville thinks that people always strive to be better?<

Why does Tocqueville say that there is no true link between the rich and poor?

Why does Tocqueville say that the employed workers doing the little jobs for a large cooperation have been assigned a certain "position in society" instead of just a job?

Why does Tocqueville believe man can never really achieve equality?

Are there, as Tocqueville claims, places in Europe that have escaped the changing of society?

Why does Tocqueville believe Democracy ultimately drives Aristocracy?

Why does Tocqueville think industry creates aristocracy?

Why does Tocqueville think that a democracy makes people try harder?

Tocqueville: Evaluative Questions

Do you agree of disagree with Tocqueville when he says that poor men have very slim chances of ever becoming rich?

Do we face the problems Tocqueville predicted would happen?

Do you agree that Americans always want something that they do not have yet?

Tocqueville states that men are powerless by themselves, is that accurate?

Why does Tocqueville think that remote corners of the world are not as greatly affected by the malady of continual striving for "more."

Do you agree with Tocqueville that there is nothing similar between a master his employee?

Do you agree with Tocqueville that the owners of huge cooperations pose a threat to American democracy because they have opened the doors to the creation of a new type of aristocracy?

Do you agree with Tocqueville when h says that all pejoratives of birth and fortune are abolished in a democracy?

Does Democracy increase the need for people today to have everything?

Do you agree with Tocqueville that Americans will always want more equality than they have?

How are people limited in their jobs today?

Do you see people always striving the be the best or do you see people being happy as they are?

Do you agree with Tocqueville that men devoted to doing or making one thing lose themselves in their work?

Do you believe the pursuit for success is what brings man happiness, or does it inhibit true happiness?

Do you think that our democracy is dependent on industrial aristocracy?

How does studying one academic subject limit your life?

Do Americans today appreciate what they have?

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