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North Fork School Recommended Reading

How Do We Choose Our Books?

In general, reading lists are selected with an eye toward books that are interesting for students, books that follow up themes discovered in the previous year's class, and books that introduce themes coming up in the next year.

Students may choose books appropriate to their own interests/reading level from any of the lists; however, while younger students may be able to read the words of novels recommended for High School students, the meaning (themes) of those novels will certainly be out of their reach intellectually.

The danger in reading books too early is that students may end up hating books that they do not understand. Please hold off on encouraging students to read books on older students' lists, unless you, as a parent, are willing to read and discuss the book's meaning with your child. I prefer that students read all of the books on lists for & below their grade levels before moving on to older classes' lists.

We will be reviewing and adjusting lists regularly...please feel free to email us (by clicking on our address at left) with your own suggestions for reading at various grade levels.

Select the following icons for lists of recommended reading at each grade/class level:

4th-6th Reading This list is appropriate for students in Writing Workshop classes, and for those entering the First Year Program (Ancient Cultures and the Middle Ages). Reading levels vary greatly in this age group...encourage students to read books which appeal to them, and to read out loud to you or to a younger sibling.

7th-8th Reading This list is appropriate for students entering the Second Year Program (American History, Art , and Literature). Students should continue to read out loud to parents or siblings, and should try one or two books they would not normally choose on their own.

8th-9th Reading This list is appropriate for students entering the Third Year Program (World History, Renaissance & Impressionist Art, and Shakespeare / British Satirical Literature). We read Shakespeare out loud in this class, so students should continue reading easier books to parents & younger siblings to strengthen oral reading skills. Parents should also continue to read harder selections out loud to their children: good students are good listeners. They may be growing up, but they still need you to read to them.

High School Reading This list is appropriate for High School students and adult readers. Parents...you know what I'm going to say: share books out loud with your students...they may never pick up A Passage to India, but they will love sharing it with you.

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