The Declaration of Independence

2011-2012 2nd Year Class

Under what circumstances should people revolt and try to replace the form of government under which they live?

Baylie >>> People should revolt against their government, when the leader is proving him or herself as not doing the job correctly. When their leader takes away their right to follow the rules they were told they could make, or when the leader chooses to neglect his duties, and take the fall for his country. When a leader is not being a true leader, that can lead the country through thick and thin, that is when a government should be revolted against.

Ben >>> I think the people should start to revolt when they lose all freedom, or when goverment becomes a dictatorship.

Hallie >>> If the government is not letting us have freedom and is making stupid decisions, like grabbing men from home and forcing them into a war. If the government is taking all our rights away, we should do something about it. If the government is trying to take control over everything and taking away your rights. Also if the king or president is not defending you and your country or is spending your taxes on stupid things.

" is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government." (p. 90)

Savannah >>> A reason why a country should revolt would be if we somehow got stuck with a horrible president who made America become a dictatorship and if he took away the entire voting system. If we had a horrible leader like Adolf Hitler. If stupid laws were made, if we were treated like slaves or if he took away our given rights, such as freedom of speech, press, religion, etc.

Jesse >>> The only time that it would be ok to revolt against the government would be if you were living under unfair laws that disabled you to do something to its fullest. If the laws that your President or King passed left you unable to do your job, or even just live your life to its fullest would be acceptable cause to revolt and change that laws so they are more fair for all of society.

Vivienne >>> If the government took all of your money to do something not important, money that you worked very hard for, then you would not have enough money to support your family then it would be reasonable to rebel against the government.

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