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AP English Pieces



by Maddy Hinson

Thousands of little knocks
trying to break and enter,
all those wishes out of reach.
Hallucinations of moments,
experiences, laughter, textures, smells,
Chilling air creeps in through cracks
in my sturdy house.

Every dawn
something might change,
but always, dreariness consumes
any shed of light for miles
and miles. Thoughts gloomier
than what hangs above --
endless reminders of
lost connection.
When will this heavy fog
lift? Or will it simplify, render
eternal growth and suffering?

12th Grade

by Maddy Hinson

Our lake, no longer
hectic and lively, echoes
only vanished loud tunes;
replaces them with consuming quiet.
Smooth like glass, each
perfectly clear reflection
shows only shallow shores.

Underneath: bottomless,
just the beginning.
Years and years ahead
of firsts, sorrows, absolute glee --
lessons. This day
is child's play; this last
autumn in our bubble
all together.
Our personal dog days
slip quietly away.


by Elizabeth Scott

Last icy frost crystals
drip off long blades of mint grass.
Tulips start to stretch out of moist soil,
pops of ruby, amber, and magenta explode into the spring meadow.
Warm rays of sun evaporate dawn mist.
Snow vanishes into damp earth.
Blankets of luscious emerald cover everything in sight.
A robin's sweet tune fills this bright morning.

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