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Knight of Shades

by Paige Robnett

Questions -- past and present -- all but left unsaid:
from now 'til then, what's my path foretold?
Uncertainty rings through my muddled head.

The reading proceeds, the past confirmed, as dead.
Wrongful sweethearts to whom I unjustly sold,
my dignity, my joy. On my heart, they did tread.

Dark bygones vanish into light; new successes pled
to emerge. My new present, oh behold:
like lightning's flash; parting of the sea; shiny happiness; my daily bread.

Now within, spiritual soundness resides instead.
Past alliances were not gold.
My dignity, my joy; restored with a charming thread.

Past times I must unwed,
In this present, good thoughts I must uphold.
Future is uncertain, there's room to be mislead.

Peaks and Valleys forge my path over this highest mountain: I must climb ahead.
Answering my questions, questions: these cards are my new gold.
Musing over that reading, the past I decide to shed.
I am The Empress. The Tarot: my charming thread.

Catching Joy

by Maddy Hinson

Sniff, sniff. . . today. . .is the day!
Heart pounds at the sight of
a highlighter-yellow sphere
gliding along freshly-cut emerald
carpeting, covering this play ground.
Legs race fast, fast, fast, keep going!
Those two-legged creatures circle
'round and 'round again,
on that scratchy, hot, obsidian oval just across the way.
Friction allows the meeting to take place:
I retrieve my prize,
trotting back to a jubilant lad.
This place,
so open and crisp:
let's go again!

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