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3rd Year Program 2010-2011
(8th & 9th graders)

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Shakespeare's Sonnets provides some review on our Sonnet notes.

Link to: Metaphysical Poets. This website introduces you to this 17th-century school of poets, and offers web links for further research.


by Ben Crogh

Burgundy screeches like a saxophone
in the drum of your ear,
creating an epic bass beat.
A deep red so loud, glass shatters like
blown-out car brakes.
Burgundy, vibrant and abstract,
with odd brown calming
and complimenting vibrant red:
harmonically in tune.

Music to my eyes

by Noah Stapp

Music: an artist's canvas, creating vivid colors and shapes --
deep reds and morose blacks of rock and roll
evoke caves and mountains;
light blue and royal purple jazz
softly creates sleepy towns;
country's sunny yellows and dark greens invoke
a hayride through a dusty farm.
Noisy colors paint a lifelike picture of the world.

A Dog's Reflective Image

by Hallie Tucker

Dogs who wear nice outfits are so cute. People love the fact that dogs can now dress in human fashions because the "princess" or "rough" look in a dog adds so much class to his dirty brown fur. When a dog dresses up to look exactly like his owner, people bring out their cameras. Some owners, bored with their dog's natural hair color dye its hair a nice purple, pink, or blue. Bright dye makes dogs look so cute and pretty. Many owners who are attached to their lovely dogs take them everywhere and sometimes even carry them in a purse because a tiny dog like that does not even need exercise. Dogs who wear cute hats and fancy custom clothes when it is not even Halloween bring people to their knees, saying, "awwww . . ." and "he is so cute!" It is fun to see dogs all dressed up even when it is eighty degrees outside, or in the winter when they can wear a fancier fur coat than you can. Many humans think of their dogs as children: no wonder they dress their dogs for success.

Round and Round

by Noah Stapp

Night knows Day
as Day knows Night:
racing around Earth, again and again,
like two dogs chasing their tails,
trying to catch one another.
Never succeeding in the void of space.

When the sun sets,
golden on earth's horizon,
and the moon rises, like a sliver mirror,
casting a silver sheen across the sky,

these celestial bodies find each other,
if only for a second.

Pieces written by 3rd Year students in 2012-2013
Pieces written by 3rd Year students in 2010-2011
Pieces written by 3rd Year students in 2008-2009
Pieces written by 3rd Year students in 2005-2006
Pieces written by 3rd Year students in 2003-2004
Pieces written by 3rd Year students in 2002-2003
Pieces written by 3rd Year students in 2001-2002

Check all papers for these skills before turning them in to me.

William Shakespeare: The Tempest
William Shakespeare: Othello
William Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part I
William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels
Edgar Allan Poe: The Masque of the Red Death
H.G. Wells: The Time Machine

2nd Semester Unfinished Pieces

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poetry essay exam

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paradox poem
synesthesia poem
poetry essay exam
resume & cover letter
Final Exam

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