2nd Year Vocabulary

WORDS SO FAR: humiliated, pernicious, vitiate, resolute, pedantic, eminent, indolent, sympathize, impugn, proficient, succumb, complacent, complaisant, pejorative, punctilious, inexorable, iconoclast, antecedent, fervor, deference, obstreperous, tangible, surreptitious, merriment, mercantilism, legislature, bicameral, inveigh, sovereignty, sectionalism, infraction, concise, abridge, prudent, transient, usurp, despot, candid/candor, relinquish, dissolution, perfidy, absolve, magnanimous/magnanimity, acquiesce, appropriate, demagogue, plebeian, espouse, judicious, increment, genre, kinetic, harbinger, nepotism, querulous, nefarious, facetious, fauna, altruism, ameliorate, abdicate, mortify, chagrin, recrimination, turpitude, relegate, sardonic, abridge, construe, hyperbole, infamous, juxtapose, paroxysm, posterity, ordain, redress, prescribed, ascertained, providence, oblique, futile, vindictive, efface, diffident, vociferous, decadent, precedent, blithe, acute, insolent, ardent, extricate, accost, zealous, quixotic, wanton, nefarious, guile, facetious, gravity, juxtapose, laud, ubiquitous, adroit, opulent, axiom, aristocratic, insatiable, strife, delude, felicity, disparage, infamous, diety, extricate, stoic, consecrate, histrionic, sophomoric, innocuous, innate, empirical, milieu, microcosm, subtle, affluent, periphery, wistful, willful, sublime, iconic, volition, irascible

Common Usage Errors: all right; among/between; anxious; as far as ...is concerned; as/like; biweekly (etc.); can/may; capital/capitol; common/mutual; commonplace; compare to/compare with; equally as; each other/one another; fewer/less; different from; fact that/that; farther/further; former/latter; irregardless; lay/lie; plurals & singulars; presently; stationary/stationery; that/which; whether or not

GRAMMAR terms -- you must know these definitions, too:
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, article, preposition, predicate adjective, predicate nominative (noun), direct object, indirect object, gerund, participle
VERBS OF BEING (memorize them) -- am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been

From the dictionary: merriment, mercantilism, legislature, bicameral, inveigh, sovereignty, sectionalism, infraction, concise

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