Writing Workshop Pieces

2020 (Semester II)


by Gabriell Shafer
(5th grade)

Paper crunching beneath my hand,
flat as a piece of glass.
The pointy corners razor sharp:
folding here and there.
Turquoise blue smalls like cloth
making its way into a bird
to fly away again.


by Maddison Keplinger
(4th grade)

I jumped out of skating, but would LOVE to start skating again, now that I have the proper gear. In lessons, whenever we were done with a trick, we would get one sticker. When we finished a basic level, we would get two stickers! The reason I quit, is that the rink is always cold, and skating seemed to always bore me. I would really like to start skating again.

The rink is as big as a mountain. When we were done skating, the Zamboni would come out and smooth the ice, then the hockey players would take the ice. The cafe inside the rink is as warm and cozy as a heater. There are many snacks in the cafe, like chips or cookies.

Someday, I would like to be like Marai Nagasu: she is a star! But I need to start skating again to do that. I'm thinking about starting a Marai fan club. She signed my skate and gave me a mini poster of her skating. The poster is in my binder. Basic One is easy; so are Basic Two and Three. But Basic Four has a tricky thing where you have to stand on one foot and wiggle. It's so hard!

A Very Terrible, True Story

by Esa Erekson
(3rd grade)

I was all ready to take a shower, when I tried to close the glass sliding door. Then it all fell, shattering, like in a movie. I had the metal handle in my hand! I ran out, wrapped a towel around myself, only after checking for blood. I ran out of the bathroom, and yelled for my parents.

My parents ran upstairs, and followed me to the disaster in the bathroom. My mom raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth like an O. This usually means she is very mad. I thought I'd be in trouble!

I looked at my legs right as my parents noticed I was bleeding. My dad took me to his bathroom. The only injury was a deep gash on my hand: that REALLY hurt. My mom gave me some pajamas while my dad called my grandpa. His wife is injured all the time, and he was going to bring me a Band Aid.

My grandpa came with a special knuckle Band Aid, plus some skinny white ones, too, and ice cream. That felt good.

Cozy Warm Gift

by Maddison Keplinger
(4th grade)

Stargazer lilies were blooming.
Beautiful sunrise over a mountain:
a little fluffy fox cub lay
under a gray shady tree.
A cute little bunny twitched its nose.
A girl with a red hood like an apple
pulled a white cloth from over a basket
holding fresh, harvested carrots.
She gave one to the little white bunny
then skipped off into the woods.


by Kenneth Weinrauch
(4th grade)

When I go snowboarding, it feels like I'm flying. My snowboard goes shwo shwo down a hill. Snowboarding is challenging because both feet are on the ground. They stay to the board like a tree. It's necessary to lean the way that you want to go, since it's hard to turn.

My snowboarding teacher helps me learn new things. I wear puffy clothes to stay as warm as the sun. I have only had one lesson so far. My snowboarding teacher taught me how to ride switch. Riding switch is the same, just with the other foot in front. Tomorrow I will have another lesson and I hope I will learn more.

At the Fair

by Esa Erekson
(3rd grade)

A pregnant heifer moos. . .
Her owner sets down water for her.
A brown goat bleats. His horn has fallen.
Flies buzz like bees around its blood.
My friend tells me to shoo the
flies away.


by Kelsy Weinrauch
(2nd grade)

I would like to learn more about making things out of clay, like a cup or a tree, or something that my mom and dad would like. I would also like to play the drums and learn how to play Jingle Bells, or Happy Birthday.

I like to dance on my bed a lot, and make up shows for my mom and dad. I play music from my Google, which can show pictures, like elves and flowers. It can also tell stories and show videos.

I also want to get better at speaking Romanian. There are some similar words in Spanish because Spanish and Romanian are a little bit the same.

F into A+

by Gabriell Shafer
(5th grade)

I like the idea of turning an F into an A plus, because the idea of someone getting an F and sneaking under their desk at school to change it into an A+ would be funny. I learned this trick by watching Five-minute Hacks, but I suggest that working to get an A+ is much better, because you learn everything.

To turn an F into an A+, start with a capital F. Draw a diagonal line coming down from the top corner of the capital F to make an A. Then draw a vertical line coming down through the center of the top horizontal line to make a plus!

Someone who got an F would have to work hard to turn it into an A. They might have to rewrite their work using correct punctuation or recheck their answers and fix them.

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