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by Marek Clouser
(5th grade)

As I inched toward the noise, darkness fell upon me like snow falling to the ground. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on the noise, then all of a sudden noise exploded around me. Wind twirled everywhere. As soon as it had come, the sound left, and everything was still. I opened my eyes and saw an arrow flying straight for my head.

It all started on a cold Thursday morning. Mist floated around me. The air smelled like ice. I was walking to school, and heard a tiny howling noise. I decided to investigate. The leaves crunched beneath my feet. All of a sudden, the sky went dark. I opened my eyes, and saw an arrow flying straight for my head. The arrow was inches away from my face. A sword swished in front of my eyes and made a fierce tinging noise.

The arrow fell to the ground. I looked up and saw nothing. When I stood up and walked around, I noticed I was back in the howling forest where I had started.


by Maddison Keplinger
(3rd grade)

Eyes as blue as the ocean
see so far. Blonde
hair swirls in soft wind.
Blonde brightens
everyone's day. Fluffy
eyelashes blow
me away.


by Kenneth Weinrauch
(3rd grade)

Riding a scooter feels fun if you can jump high. Jumping is hard because you have to pull yourself up into the air. You need to speed to jump high up. When you get speed you can hear the wheels on the pavement: woosh, woosh. You can feel the vibration on your hands.

You see the scooter and the road ahead of you when you ride. Riding up hills and down is fun. Once, I was riding up a hill as big as a mountain. It was cold on the way to the top. When I reached the top, I jumped high in the air.

Then I rode down the big hill and went fast: I couldn't stop. I tried to stop but I almost fell off. It was terrifying. When the hill flattened out, I slowed down. I went home and stopped scootering for two years.

The Cat Rescue

by Nina Giddings
(5th grade)

When I saw the cats on the side of the road, my heart was flooding with joy. My family was in a circle around the cats. One was small and had bluish eyes and tiny paws. The other had green eyes and its fur was ruffled. We assumed it was a boy and the other a girl.

In the distance there was a red barn. We maybe thought they came from there. Next to the barn there was a field with a cow in it.

The cats were staring at us through the dry grass. I prepared myself and reached forward. The cat leaped away - - it seemed camouflaged in the grass like a chameleon.

Morgan leaped forward and caught the bigger one. The smaller cat leaped into my hands. Since we were traveling back from Lewiston, we had my bunny in his cage in the car. So we took him out and put the cats in the cage. My bunny's name is Fluffy. He sat in my lap the whole way home. Back in McCall, we took the cats to our house and adopted them!

Shocking Day in the Woods

by Gabriell Shafer
(3rd grade)

As I was running through the forest, I saw two big eyes staring at me. I froze in shock as I noticed a huge animal staring from behind a rock. Everything was still.

At first, I thought that it was a lynx. I tried to sneak away, but it kept looking at me. It felt like I was there for an hour. Finally, it took off.

It was a huge owl. It grabbed at a squirrel and ripped it off the tree. Opal, my dog, nipped my arm as leaves flew everywhere. I heard the owl hoot, and it was gone.


by Camryn McKenna
(5th grade)

As I entered the ball, all I could hear was a big splash. I saw a big fruit tree on the side of the hill: it was bright red. The water was as cold as ice. I felt like my limbs were chopped off. I tried to stand, but I slipped and fell as quickly as I got up. When I looked down, five kids were lying under me on the ground. All the men pushed me up the hill, and I rolled down again.

The Aquaball is a big ball full of air. You put a little water in the ball and roll it down the hill from inside. I was at a cool farm on Maui that had a zipline and Aquaball. My family and I did both. I brought two friends: Ani and Cohen. I had so much fun. The best part of my day was rolling down the hill in an Aquaball.


by Nina Giddings
(5th grade)

Dry grass
crunching, cackling:
emerald and gold crickets
hop through brown grass.
Smells of ripe apple
drip out of orchards.
Wind howls
like a distant wolf;
golden bright sun
blazes over
crisp country land.


by Maddison Keplinger
(3rd grade)

When I woke up at 5:27, it was as quiet as a mouse. I hopped out of bed and dressed myself, then went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. When I finished eating, my mom woke up, so I hid in the kitchen cabinet.

My mom looked at the table and asked, "Why is Maddison's plate out?" As she came two steps away from my cabinet, I jumped out and said, "SURPRISE!!!"


by Marek Clouser
(5th grade)

Tall strands of grass dance
in howling wind.
Water rushes
in a bubbling creek:
bees buzz
around blossoming apple trees.

American Ninja Nina

by Gabriell Shafer
(3rd grade)

Nina Giddings has wanted a ninja line in her backyard for almost a year. She says, "My goal is to be an American Ninja Warrior Junior by next year." The ninja line is an outdoor rope line. "The ninja line is fun because you can swing across all of the obelisks," Nina says, "and in winter, you fall in the snow."

Camryn: "Suckers!"

by Kenneth Weinrauch
(3rd grade)

Camryn McKenna has a giant sucker full of mini suckers. Inside, the giant sucker has seven flavors. "My parents got it for me in Mexico!" Camryn says. The name of the sucker is Chupa Chups. Inside the giant sucker there are 15 small suckers. Camryn says, "It is the size of my brain." The giant sucker has a white pipe tube that is about one foot long. Camryn says, "It's about the weight of a bunny." Camryn's favorite flavors are watermelon and cherry.

Mountain Bike Maniac

by Maddison Keplinger
(3rd grade)

Marek Clouser's bike is yellow and it can go ten miles or thirty miles an hour when he is going down a hill. He really likes it. "One time," Marek says, "I was riding my bike at Eagle in Boise and went off a jump. I ran into a fence and cut my leg open. It hurt a lot. I went to the hospital and got six stitches." He does not know where his uncle bought the bike. "First my brother had it, then I got it three years ago, when my brother got a bigger bike," Marek says. He has not been in a race yet, but he will try one next year.

Spoiled Cutie Cat

by Camryn McKenna
(5th grade)

Maddison Keplinger has five cats. Her fave is Stitch. "He is black and white and sweet," Maddison says. He is ten years old, and has his own chair with a black pillow that has a gold S on it. His chair came with a blanket that says STITCH. "I call him 'Oreo', but my mom calls him 'Mr. Cow,'" Maddison says. Stitch will lie on his back and play dead.

Romanian Race Cars

by Nina Giddings
(5th grade)
Kenneth Weinrauch is a Writing Workshop friend. Sometimes he's silly. One of his special things is his collection of racing cars. They're important to him because his grandma gave them to him. "I barely get to see her," he says. "I saw her once when I was three." He doesn't remember her name either. Kenneth's grandma lives far away in Romania. His race cars are blue. "I like the style because they look like [the real Italian race cars] Lamborghinis," he says. He has a race car track to play with. "I press a button on the racetrack that makes the cars go two miles per hour and when the cars hit the jumps, they go high in the air," Kenneth says. "It is really fun."

Dying Drones

by Marek Clouser
(5th grade)

One time Gabriell Shafer was flying his H360 Drone. It flew over a tree a couple hundred feet away and disappeared. Then the H360 freefell and exploded. "It was very loud!" Gabriell says. Gabriell likes drones because they can take the coolest pictures. "I tried to fly my Parrot Swing Drone across Cascade Lake," Gabriell says. "The drone had one dot of battery left." He canon-balled it toward the beach at 40 miles an hour. "The drone was as small as a tiny speck."


by Maddison Keplinger
(3rd grade)

Sweet smell of roses
fills soft air
like water in a bottle.
Bright sun rises over
a shadowed mountain.
Rabbits jump through meadow grass
like springs boinging down
some stairs.


A big hairy ghost
wanted to eat blue toast,
but he ran into a spikey post.

-- Marek Clouser, Gabriell Shafer, Kenneth Weinrauch

The big black spider
is an excellent rider:
he stole a glider.

-- Maddison Keplinger, Nina Giddings, Camryn McKenna

There once was a big scary bat
who ate a sad little rat,
which was friends with a striped cat.

-- Maddison Keplinger, Gabriell Shafer, Kenneth Weinrauch


The big red beet
was sitting on an uncomfortable seat
eating a yummy candy corn treat
in the blazing heat.

-- Marek Clouser, Nina Giddings, Camryn McKenna

Greedy evil witches fly
in misty inky midnight sky.
Fleeing toward their swampy lair
where they'll finally wash their greasy hair.

-- Marek Clouser, Nina Giddings, Camryn McKenna, Maddison Keplinger, Gabriell Shafer, Kenneth Weinrauch

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