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Writing Workshop Pieces



by Jesse McKenna
4th grade

A room so big; yet a chamber
so small. It could be
both of the above.
Kids think it's big; adults think it's small.
The chair is small; the fridge is
huge like a tin monster.
The grownups think the chair is a mouse's
and the fridge is normal size. But to
kidlings, it's like a funhouse: big
and little things.


by Lexington Larson
3rd grade

Blonde hair and blue eyes sparkle
in big bright sun:
pretty dresses
on special occasions make me
beautiful and sparky.
School is every day, except
and Sundays.
I have ski lessons so
there is only one day without any
plans. After school,
I sled and play. It makes me feel
free and excited.

My First Roller Coaster

by Abby Robnett
4th grade

One time when I was about six, my family and I went up to north Idaho, because that is where some of my family lives. They live right by an amusement park. I loved it there. So one day when we were walking around at the amusement park, my sister was going on a wooden roller coaster. I had never been on one, so I went with my dad.

It was a roller coaster that went underground. When you were under, it would take your picture. In my picture, it looked like I was going to throw up, because I certainly felt like it.

The roller coaster was as fast as a cheetah. When we climbed off, I had whiplash. It hurt so bad. When you were waiting, other people could hear the roller coaster creak. When the cart went by, you would hear whoosh; vrummm and a bunch of noises.

My grandma and my sister went together. They had a contest: who screamed first lost. So they went up the first hill: down like a waterfall they went. Then all of a sudden we heard a scream. It was my grandma. She lost. It was fun but scary. Now I love roller coasters.


by Ryder Tanner
1st grade

Hockey is fun because you get to have a blast and check! Checking is when you hit someone and you skate away. To play hockey, you get a stick and swing it to hit a puck at a goalie! If you trip a person, you get a penalty. If you do something bad, you would go to the penalty box. If you get a penalty, you don't get to play for two or five minutes.

You have fun in hockey -- a lot of fun -- and you have five players. But if you have six players, you don't have a goalie on the ice! You get to pick out a number from your coaches and it will be yours! All of the audience will know who you are.


by Cael Mooney
5th grade

Building the robot is hard.
Programming the computer is too.
Fun as a fun house:
programming it to do missions, which can
be almost anything.
I turn it on -- bee boo bap boo --
click click: flipping through the
programs -- it drives out of base on the table,
then it comes back and it is done.

Hand-Feeding Rhinos

by Ryder Tanner
1st grade

It is fun to hand feed rhinos because they are hilarious. They are also fun. Rhinos can be scary: they are big, fat, and grey with a horn. It is made of keratin and tiny hairs.

When we tried to feed the rhino, he backed up and squished his butt in the back corner away from us and started to snort. He got in trouble because he wasn’t listening. The rhinos smelled like poop.


by Abby Robnett
4th grade

One time when I was eight, my family and I went to Hawaii. It took a long time – eight hours – to get there. We had a really nice condo across the street from the beach.

One night after a long day of playing at the beach, my parents were lying in bed and their friend called and said, "Are you watching the news?" My parents turned on the TV, and the big tsunami was coming towards Hawaii. My parents woke me and my sister up, and said there is going to be a big tsunami. My sister didn't believe them; she started to laugh.

The siren was about to go off – it sounded like the S.W.A.T. team was coming to get us. So we ran to the car and we drove all the way up to higher ground. We had to spend the night in the car. My Papa lives in Boise. He was watching the news and knew what was going on. He called my dad and said, "I know somebody who owns a helicopter and can get you off the island."

My sister and I were really scared. We wanted to go home. We parked outside of an old supermarket. There were a lot of Hawaiians having a big party. They were dancing and were really loud. My mom said, "OK, who is going to tell them to be quiet?" but she was just joking. We only had one hour of sleep.

When we arrived in town the next day, we had to spend most of the morning at Target and Walmart. We couldn't go into town because it was by the ocean. When we went to town, all the stores were wet because of the tsunami. Some houses were washed out to sea. There were a lot of dead fish washed up on the beach. Good thing our condo was on stilts, so it was not washed out to sea. It was really scary but. . . I survived the rest of the trip. After the tsunami, we had a great time and didn't want to leave.


by Lexington Larson
3rd grade

Every day after lunch I go to recess. I see everyone is playing with jump ropes, on the monkey bars, and lots of other games.

I just go to Ella and play with her every day. We walk around and talk about what to do on a sleepover. We meet at the tipee top tower of the play structure.

Her class is called in right before mine. That's ok, though. I always go play with Sophie when Ella goes in.


by Cael Mooney & Ryder Tanner
5th & 1st grades

Our sisters like to sing as loud as a guy
singing at a concert.
They can be more annoying than Mickey Mouse
or as crazy as a party.
Art loving,
hockey playing
waffle monsters.
Sleep forever,
doll loving and
sometimes angry.

Roller Coaster

by Jesse McKenna
4th grade

When I went to visit my mom in San Diego, I went to three theme parks: Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and California Adventures. At Disneyland, I went to Space Mountain. It was a huge space station. Inside, there was a huge spaceship. I got on under the spaceship and there were two exactly opposite sides to go on. I went on the right side. I went through a wormhole and launched into pitch black. Right like that, we were done.

After Disneyland, I went to Knott's Berry Farm. I went on a ride called Ghost Rider at night, after waiting for more than an hour. Finally, it was about time. First, we took a small U-turn and then went up a huge hill -- 120 feet up -- and I couldn't see anything. Then it dropped me about 100 feet straight down. It was really rough but it turns so fast, it was done like that. Then I got off so dizzy I fell over. THAT WAS INTENSE!!!!!


by Abby Robnett
4th grade

A guitar rings and strums
beats of joyful pretty notes
combining into song.
Like a hummingbird, the strings
hum a melody. When there is a storm
at night, howling wind blows. Pines
sway, lightning flashes,
and thunder rumbles. You can simply
make your own music. You can dance the
night away without any scary thoughts.


by Lexington Larson
3rd grade

I love popsicles, especially
firecracker popsicles, which are
pointy as rockets. Popsicles can be
            colorful, and they can taste like
                        chocolate fudge,
                        blueberry, and anything
nice. Some have funny riddles
on the sticks.

Lost in a Haunted House

by Rylee Tanner
4th grade

One Halloween, my brother and I went to a haunted house. When we explored it, there were ghosts popping out and spiders crawling and people who looked like they were bleeding to death.

Then my parents began talking to friends, but Ryder and I kept going and we went downstairs. My brother almost got hit with an ax and then a ghost attacked.


Cael Mooney
5th grade

Nice as a cat: have
siblings like mad bees or wrestlers
right before a fight. Blue
makes me happy; flexible
like a rubber band.

Going to Crystal Mountain

Payton Mooney
5th grade

One day, while my aunt and cousin were in town, my mom said we were going on a hike. I groaned. I do not like hikes. My legs always hurt afterwards. But this was not any normal hike. This was a hike at Crystal Mountain!

I had never been there before. It sounded pretty cool. My mom drove us up and I unloaded my backpack. It was empty (which was a good thing) because I needed room to carry some crystals home. The view was amazing! Everything was covered with crystals, crystals, and more crystals. The crystals were white, orange, pink, blue, yellow, brown, indigo, and purple. Some were clear, too. We hiked to the top of the mountain and were able to look down at where we started.

We hiked for about one more hour, then decided to head back down to the car. It was the best hike I had ever been on! I was so amazed. "Let's do it again!" I yelled. My mom said I was crazy. "I mean some other day," I said.


Rylee Tanner
4th grade

I'm filled with joy.
My brother's like a tornado.
Figure skating and hockey fill my life.
I like to play with my dog.
Soccer completes my wardrobe.

Interview: Lexi Larson

by Rylee Tanner
4th grade

Lex is a normal, eight-year-old girl. Her birthday is June 28, 2005. She is not a girly-girl; she is half tom-boy, half not. Lex likes to act and skating act on figure skates. She likes to have sleepovers.

A single child, her favorite animal is butterflies. Her favorite color is pink, and her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms. For dinner, she loves macaroni and cheese or buttered noodles.

No favorite music; Lexi likes to dance with no audience.

Baking Cookies for Santa Claus

by Lexington Larson
3rd grade

My favorite holiday tradition is making cookies for Santa Claus. My mom and I make some dough that is not too crumbly. We form it into three sections, then we put it in the fridge for thirty-five minutes.

After the dough is cold, we dye the sections pink, blue, and purple. Then we roll it out and cut it into heart shapes, star shapes, and Santa hat shapes. After we bake the cookies, we decorate them with pink, blue, and purple frosting and white sprinkles.

We put the cookies on a plate by the fireplace for Santa, and he always eats them all.


by Payton Mooney & Rylee Tanner
5th & 4th grades

Quinn and Ryder:
DESTRUCTIVE like an angry mob,
as LOUD as a lawn mower;
ANNOYING little cuckoo clocks.
Their very own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
playing hockey, always unstoppable;
never the superheroes,
but that doesn't surprise us.
Our little brothers,
acting like two-year-olds.
If you're thinking about
someone devious and naughty,
think of these little first graders.

Portland, Oregon

by Payton Mooney
5th grade

Ugh. This eight-hour drive was lasting FOREVER! Quinn was singing, Mom was talking on the phone, and Cael wouldn't plain just stop talking. I was about to explode. Just when I thought I was, we pulled into the driveway. Auntie Do-do's driveway, actually. Don't be judgmental. When Quinn was a baby, he couldn't say "Dorris," so he said "Do-do." Since then, we all call her that.

It took forty-five minutes to unload the car, since we were staying for a whole week. Auntie Do-do took us up to the guest room. It was kind of like an attic, with a slanted roof, and an attic-like closet. There was no heating up there, so Quinn and I were on the floor in our sleeping bags, feeling like Eskimos in the Antarctic.

The next morning, I went downstairs because I smelled something DELICIOUS! When I was downstairs, I realized it was my favorite breakfast. "PANCAKES!!" I screamed, a little too loud. Maybe this trip wasn't going to be as bad as I thought.

After breakfast, my friend Lena Baldwin came over. Lena is deaf and can't talk, but she's really good at crossword puzzles. Now, I didn't want to leave to go back home.


by Cael Mooney
5th grade

Having siblings can be awesome, but it can be annoying, especially Quinn. Oh, I should introduce you to Payton and Quinn. Sometimes they are nice like unicorns. Sometimes they can be mean like evil scientists.

Some of the ways my siblings are mean to me are: Payton and Quinn kick me and punch me. Quinn tries to bite me. Payton locks me out of her room. Payton and Quinn hit me. Payton steals my money.

Some of the ways they are nice to me are: they give me money. Payton shares rubberbands with me. They play with me. They read to me. They give me things, and let me give the cat his treats. They make me stuff. They give me some of their candy. Quinn hugs me. Quinn tries to kiss me. When they're nice, I play with them, but sometimes I don't play with them. Sometimes, we get in fights.


by Cael Mooney
5th grade

Loves basketball;
gets called "Cael the Snail."
Loves rocks;
catches snakes as fast as lightning.
Pet: aquatic dwarf frog.

Losing My First Tooth

by Ryder Tanner
1st grade

It felt weird: I don't want to lose my second tooth. I do not want to cough it out – it will hurt. And I don't want my sister to yank it out or punch it out. I don't want to run into the wall to make it come out.

My tooth is out. Let's have a party! I got out of bed. When I came out of the bathroom, I had the tooth in my hand. I did not feel it come out. I am not afraid to lose another tooth because it doesn't hurt.


by Payton Mooney
5th grade

I run around with his catnip; he follows me.
We cuddle on the couch, soft blankets on top of us.
On his face lies a pink nose, which is cute and small.
When his white foot falls, it sounds like raindrops on a roof.
He lies in the sun, if there's any.
He will look and feel soft and warm,
when he's in a cuddling mood.

Happy Skater

Lexington Larson
3rd grade

I am stunning, and I
love dashing across
white ice. I feel
like a cheetah when
I do it. Do not
call me a wimp or
you're grounded forever!
Zebras make me dream.
Pink covers me in style.
Halloween creeps me
out. Boy, I do love
chocolate shakes.
My blueberry eyes see rainbows.
Good thing I don't have
any brothers to destroy
my life. "Phew!"


Ryder Tanner
1st grade

I run like the wind. Golf
makes me free. My family can be
a pain in the butt. I like
hockey because skating fills
me with joy.


Payton Mooney
5th grade

I play hockey and golf.
Long blonde hair: always great for
Brown eyes like chocolate.
A cat and six fish fill my life.
Pink fills my wardrobe.
My family includes two brothers
who destroy everything!

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