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3rd Year Pieces


A Dog's Reflective Image

by Hallie Tucker

Dogs who wear nice outfits are so cute. People love the fact that dogs can now dress in human fashions because the "princess" or "rough" look in a dog adds so much class to his dirty brown fur. When a dog dresses up to look exactly like his owner, people bring out their cameras. Some owners, bored with their dog's natural hair color dye its hair a nice purple, pink, or blue. Bright dye makes dogs look so cute and pretty. Many owners who are attached to their lovely dogs take them everywhere and sometimes even carry them in a purse because a tiny dog like that does not even need exercise. Dogs who wear cute hats and fancy custom clothes when it is not even Halloween bring people to their knees, saying, "awwww . . ." and "he is so cute!" It is fun to see dogs all dressed up even when it is eighty degrees outside, or in the winter when they can wear a fancier fur coat than you can. Many humans think of their dogs as children: no wonder they dress their dogs for success.


by Ben Crogh

Burgundy screeches like a saxophone
in the drum of your ear,
creating an epic bass beat.
A deep red so loud, glass shatters like
blown-out car brakes.
Burgundy, vibrant and abstract,
with odd brown calming
and complimenting vibrant red:
harmonically in tune.

Round and Round

by Noah Stapp

Night knows Day
as Day knows Night:
racing around Earth, again and again,
like two dogs chasing their tails,
trying to catch one another.
Never succeeding in the void of space.

When the sun sets,
golden on earth's horizon,
and the moon rises, like a sliver mirror,
casting a silver sheen across the sky,

these celestial bodies find each other,
if only for a second.

My Diet

by Vivienne Wiegers

I have decided to go on a diet, only eating sugar-free and fat-free foods. For lunch I tried the New Utz Yes! Fat Free Potato Chips. They are so amazing! They taste just like regular potato chips. I never would have guessed that they were fat-free, with half the calories of regular potato chips. They are even fried with fat-free cooking oil. I also found these super cool, sugar-free, Chips Ahoy cookies, which are so delicious, I truly feel that the more I eat, the more I can lose. I was looking at the ingredients, and I did not know what any of them were, but I did not see sugar on the list! I ate the whole box, and I do not even have to feel guilty because they are sugar-free. I finally do not have to worry about getting fat.

For my daily drink I bought this new Coca-Cola Zero, which has 3,605,975 likes on Facebook. That many people could not be wrong on how unhealthy it is, so it must be good for me. There are only 0.75 calories per liter. I heard that there was some really bad ingredient in it called Aspartame or something, but I don't know what that does, so I do not think it is bad. These special foods are great because I was really afraid that I would have to start going to the gym to work out, and eating vegetables. I am so happy that I get to eat delicious food and still lose weight.

Pedestrian Safety

by Ben Crogh

Orange traffic flags are an enjoyable part of being a pedestrian in McCall, Idaho. I am grateful for the city's decision to keep tourists and everyday walkers safe when crossing a street. I feel so lucky when all of the flags end up in one rack at the intersection, and I have a variety to choose from. Too bad for the poor man on the other side of the road who does not have an orange flag, who will probably not be seen in his fluorescent green shirt. These flags just remind people that there are no worries when crossing the roads of McCall and they can forget everything they learned when they were children (like looking both ways), thanks to the flags. Local McCall citizens who own boats love the flags so much that they steal them to use as caution flags when on the lake. The city faithfully, and gladly, replaces these flags each week.

Since the city of McCall is very keen on keeping tourists safe, I am glad they put so much money into these types of things. It is great that they spend so much taxpayer money for safety on orange flags, instead of wasting it on new sidewalks. With the flags people do not even need to use the sidewalks, because drivers will so easily see pedestrians. Tourists are more safe when crossing streets than ever: the city has made the right choice.


by Noah Stapp

The current American system for electing our nation's leaders is simply amazing. It teaches citizens that the only way to win is mud-slinging and lying, which are much-needed qualities in our society. Without our current system, how would we elect leaders? Have them be honest about what they want to do and actually do it if they are elected? No, of course not! That would be overly-simple and would allow for more people to be viable candidates. Furthermore, the massive amounts of money spent on these campaigns could not possibly be used for purposes such as charity, as voters would not then be able to learn anything about the candidates! I am very happy that when in-office politicians are running for re-election, they spend more time campaigning than doing their jobs, as it makes me feel like they care about my opinion. Our current system for electing our nation's leaders is nothing short of fantastic.


by Ben Crogh

My life has reached a sad deadline.
Death has bestowed its unseen presence
upon this life of mine.

Do not take this event as penance.
Be comforted in your time of loss,
for my absence will be a long suspense.

So love, do not live to mourn and toss,
but rejoice for in your heart my name is a tattoo,
I am with you like a tree clings to its moss.

Forever and now I will be with you.
Our hearts oh they shall never be apart,
for my love towards you is forever true.


by Noah Stapp

Two eyes, they glow in shades of ghostly green.
Its claws are sharp and deadly too, they slash
and tear a cloud of fur, a hunter, lean
and fierce, a calculating silent dash.
It stalks its prey on silent paws; a strong
ferocious blur, it jumps and lands. A spike
of steel, the fight is o'er. Not long
the feast begins; a welcome meal. It likes
the hunt and family too, it curls up small
and warm; it dreams of hunts to come and sun.
Alone, both friend and foe. A curled up ball
of fur, to dream and warm and be so fun.
it stalks, shadowed, it hides, hidden from light,
waiting 'til guards recede, it strikes at night.

A Dog's Life

by Hallie Tucker

The puppy years are oh so exciting;
everywhere they run, no time for naps.
My dog grows as I watch, so delighting,
but soon he is way too big for my lap.
My puppy turns into a dog so fast;
he grows bigger and taller than before.
Instead of fetching sticks, he fetches logs.
The cute, small, clumsy puppy is no more.
But soon the fur on his gold face turns white,
and lying down is better than a run.
His struggle is a horrid, awful sight:
then sadly he will go beyond the sun.
Why can't dogs live as long as people do?
To all the dogs that cared for us, thank you.


by Noah Stapp

I enjoy riding my bike in the woods and hills. It is good exercise, and is fun at the same time. I often use biking to relieve stress and to escape the annoyances of life. The wind whips in my face and gives me a sense of speed; trees turn into spires of brown and grey.

Mountain biking is fun because the woods and hills and give a challenging ride in difficult terrain. Mountain bikers need to bring extra supplies like bug spray, tools to fix a bike if it breaks, and water. However, even with extra work, the beauty of nature and the fun of being outside is a blast. Being away from other people, and being able to be alone in nature; to feel the sun and hear the birds is very nice. Overall, mountain biking is peaceful and challenging.

Moving my legs a lot to go at any kind of speed is the best exercise. If the bike is moving fast it's like being in a wind tunnel. I enjoy biking a lot, so being able to both do something I enjoy and get a good workout at the same time is really nice. Biking is also an athletic way to travel short distances faster than walking.

Often I find myself tired and bored due to school and life in general, so I go biking. It is nice to get away from the constant interruptions and stresses of life. Being able to go outside and bike through the woods mixes the feeling of adrenaline with nature. Plus, bikers get to see things they might not be able to normally, such as interesting trees and animals. Biking is a great way just relax.

Biking is one of my favorite hobbies, and I always jump at a chance to bike. It can be annoying when there are bugs and when it is hot, and it can be amazing when the weather is nice. I get a good workout, and biking can be a social activity too. It lets me move fast and have some fun. Mountain biking offers challenge and peace. I enjoy mountain biking a lot, and plan to continue to do so.

Heroic Couplets

by Ben Crogh

Marie is not as bad as people say,
she lets you eat candy during the day.

The world is so caught up with all this crap,
like politics and kids full of mishap.


by Savannah Ormsby

One day this summer, my dad came home from work and told our family, "I have a really great surprise planned for you tomorrow." We had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. The next morning, waking up around 7:30, we dressed and climbed into the car. My dad took his truck to drop off at his friend's house, because he had to work afterwards. Meanwhile, my mom drove to the store to buy Dramamine. What in the world were we doing? Picking up my dad from his friend's house, we sat in anticipation as he drove us to the airport. I asked him, "Are we riding in a plane?" He didn't answer me, but simply walked around a building and showed me the plane we would be riding in.

We went inside the main room at the airport and had to wait for a super long time for our pilot to arrive from his previous flight. We were all very hungry because we weren't eating breakfast until we arrived at our destination. When it was time to go, my dad told us that we were going to a place called Sulphur Creek to eat breakfast. We had to fly there in a really small plane that only had six seats! My dad sat by the pilot, my mom and I were behind them, and my brother and sister were in the back seat. It was about a forty-five minute ride to get there.

The ride seemed very short and the view was amazing. We saw gorgeous forests, rushing rivers, and even a bear! The bear was surprisingly easy to see…it must have been huge! Although the ride was very bumpy and nauseating, I had a really fun time. When we arrived at Sulphur Creek we looked down to see a cozy little cabin along a dirt road. Then we realized that the dirt road was our landing strip! It was very nerve-racking, thinking that a measly, bumpy dirt road was where we were landing, but it was totally fine. It was bumpy but not as bad as I thought it would be. We walked into a large main room with two bathrooms and a kitchen where the cooks worked. There were other smaller cabins where people could stay to hike or ride horses. We just went for the morning, but it was really fun.

When we climbed out of the plane and walked into the cabin, our menu options were full- size or half-size. The meal was bacon, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. Inside this cabin there were tables and chairs, couches, Ping-Pong, and a pool table. There was a kitchen where everyone ordered either a full-size or half size meal. There were cooks who worked there all summer; it's a special place for people to fly to. After breakfast we just relaxed and played games like Ping-Pong. The games were full of laughing, teasing, and losing a couple of Ping-Pong balls. The ride back was longer because the temperature and the humidity were higher. The crazy rocking and swaying made me feel like I was going to throw up. The plane would bounce up, then drop down over and over again. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself doing anything else that had a rocking motion like that, but didn't make me sick. But after we reached McCall, the trip was definitely worth the amazing sights and time spent with my family.<HR>


by Ben Crogh

When I went to the beach it was so fun.
My dad did cry to see me fall off of
the boat to die. Some girls did laugh at me
when I swam out all wet and stood so cold.
I felt as if I stood only a foot
on top of the nice dirt. That day I had
a great but most unfortunate long day.

To go back to our home was slow and so
long time. To sleep was so pleasant that night.
I woke to see the sun so high floating,
it shone as if it were made of plasma.
This day I hope is much more smooth than the
long day that passed. I want to have joy and
all of the fun I can, without being
humiliated. Time comes I grow old

and days get much too long. If I wanted
to drop out it would be unfortunate.
My days would have nothing to fill each one.
Therefore I live to be successful in
all that I do. So now I am willing
to try and do my best in everything.

Music to my eyes

by Noah Stapp

Music: an artist's canvas, creating vivid colors and shapes --
deep reds and morose blacks of rock and roll
evoke caves and mountains;
light blue and royal purple jazz
softly creates sleepy towns;
country's sunny yellows and dark greens invoke
a hayride through a dusty farm.
Noisy colors paint a lifelike picture of the world.

Application Essay

by Savannah Ormsby

If I could spend a day with any mythological, historical, or fictional character, I would choose Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. Peeta participates in the Hunger Games, knowing he is being led to almost certain death, but he stays positive and makes the best of his situation. I, too, always try to make situations better. With chores, schoolwork, or even a bad family situation, I attempt to find the best perspective.

Once, my friends and I had a spelling bee and I spelled a word wrong on purpose so that I could give my friend another chance. If I had spelled it correctly, I would have won. I felt bad that she would be out right away so I brought her back into the competition. Peeta is so incredibly kind, he would give his life to allow Katniss to win. He loves her so much that he gives up all his hope of winning the Hunger Games to make sure that she will be the victor. In this way, we are alike.

During my day with Peeta, I would want to talk to him about the amazing amount of courage he has displayed. It would be a lot of fun to hang out with him; he is so generous and easy-going. I would really want him to teach me how to decorate cakes and bake bread; he would be a great teacher and I love learning new and fun things. Plus, he is a really good artist: I love art, but am not the best at it. I really enjoy learning and I'm sure I would learn a lot. Even though Peeta is only a fictional character, he is such a great role model and is such a generous and caring person, that spending a day with him would be my dream.

Favorable Outcomes

by Vivienne Wiegers

Success leads to failure.
One who always succeeds
will never expect to fail. Not
understanding, geniuses never learn how
to make their work better.

Beginning each task,
we desire a hopeful outcome,
but unwanted enemies
lurk in myriad mistakes.
As each paper is received,
we lie crushed in disappointment.
Failure is the best teacher. To
exceed requirements, we must
learn from our mistakes.

A Day with Tom Sawyer

by Ben Crogh

Having the opportunity to spend the day with anyone next Saturday, I would choose Tom Sawyer. We have a lot in common and we would go together like a pair of shoes. Ideas involving being reckless and having no fear are thought up in both of our heads and we can relate to one another in that way. Since the curiosity level of both of us put together would be off the charts, so much would get done in one day. Having my friends paint the fence that I was supposed to paint, is one thing I could talk my friends into, just like Tom did. Showing up at my own funeral is an absolute thing that anyone who knows me could see me doing.

The time with Tom would show me a little more about being a man like toughing things out and taking a whiff of freedom. I think that he could scare off of a lot of my fears and just get me to do things that I would never think about doing. I would never risk my freedom by trying to sneak a black runaway slave out of my family's house with my best friend. There is a point at which I would have to say that it has just gone too far.

Skiing and cliff jumping can give me a rush but some of the sketchy things that Tom does, like going on adventures, would be crazy. It would be cool if I took him skiing or to Jumptime because he would have a blast; but he might be a threat to the public. He would enjoy the good food and the advanced ways of getting into trouble most of all. I would not trust him to be alone at a public building for more than five minutes because something would go wrong. Sirens would be going off and and we would be running. I'm sure that we might have to talk to a cop or a few in this one day of spending time together, even though I may be innocent, but it would be so worth it.


by Ben Crogh

Family bonds like superglue to plastic:
all secrets uncovered. They are lemmings,
living together in the same atmosphere,
following each other to the ends
of the earth. All of them
smell the same woodstove burning every
morning as they rise. Conversations
filled with adventure rehash each day over dinner.
Family is one big aspen forest,
sharing the same roots.

Challenging Obstacle

by Noah Stapp

The most challenging thing I have ever faced was when I went to middle school for a month. It was very different, and almost otherworldly, as I had homeschooled my entire life before then. I decided to go to school in the fall so I could try to get a better idea of the pros and cons of homeschooling compared to conventional school. I wanted to decide if I wanted to home school in high school or go attend a public school for those years.

Public school was very challenging, not because of the academics, but because of the shift in environment. Now, instead of being at home or out with other homeschoolers, I was thrown into a sea of other teenagers, most of whom were immature and in their own little worlds. Most of them were obsessed with fitting in with everybody else. Instead of doing what they wanted to do, they followed along with everybody else. As I do not care about fitting in with other people, unlike most of the kids there, it was difficult to make friends who were willing to do things that were not "cool."

After a month I went back to homeschooling to be challenged more by my schoolwork. I prefer to have work that requires thinking and is challenging, rather than just repeating what I have already learned. However, instead of full-on homeschooling like I did previously, I took classes at a private school that I Skyped in to. While I was not at a physical school, I still had classes, teachers, and other kids in the same class. I enjoy Skyping in to a class with challenging work rather than going to a public school to be bored all day.

I went back to homeschooling after a month of school because the work and people were not worth the trade-off of time and challenge. Most of the kids at my middle school were immature and obsessed with fitting in, rather than enjoying things they wanted to do. Homeschooling offered me harder work and a more flexible schedule: something school could not give me. Many of my friends are also homeschooled, and going to school made it much harder to see them often. I like challenging work and a flexible schedule, both of which homeschooling provides.


by Baylie Holsman

Strong, forceful winds blow carefully-constructed snowflakes
from black, intimidating clouds. A white frost paradise
clings to bare branches; mist
collects over dark, frozen ponds as
snow crackles under warm boots.
Water drips evanescent crystals,
forming slippery ice.


by Savannah Ormsby

We live in different houses every year,
I never know how long that we will stay.
And what is making me feel oh so queer:
We've bought a house. Now I can shout, "Hooray!"
We clean, we pack, we load, and organize;
We pack it up in the large vehicle,
All scattered; as if planning our demise.
So stressed, a life of moving; it is full.
So happy to be finally buying,
a house in which I can stay forever.
And now we can be wasting time lying
in bed to rest or doing whatever.
And now the bad days of moving are gone!
It's time to dance and sing a happy song.


by Baylie Holsman

The smoke that's grey, fills up the nice warm air:
I do not like outside when it's like this.
This phase of year is always hard to bear,
it makes it so the sun is what I miss.
Bad smells now force my mind to feel quite small,
dim clouds of fumes begin to make eyes itch.
The flicks of flames burn bright and super tall,
green trees will fall down to a great big ditch.
It's hard to breathe when I attempt to run,
there is no use to try while in the haze.
The clouds full of thick smoke cover the sun,
my thoughts quickly turn into quite a daze.
The blaze creates gross smoke and wrecks my day;
my fervent wish is smoke would go away.


by Haliie Tucker

Most kids want summer to come really fast, but I wanted to stay in school because after summer was over, I would have to move. The first two weeks of summer, I tried to spend all of my time with my friends. But those two weeks went by fast and before I knew it, it was time to go to Sun Valley for soccer camp. We left on Sunday, and came back on Friday. The next Sunday I went to Camp Ida-Haven. Finally I had a week of relaxing and swimming with my friends. That was the last week I had in McCall before we moved. We took our family goat-packing trip, and after one week we came home and drove to Mount Shasta, California.

Moving is always hard: leaving your friends and your house, and thinking about how you now have to make new friends. Moving is especially hard when you're older. Changing high schools would not be fun. That's why my mom wanted to move when I would be going into the 8th grade.

Once I heard the "we are moving" news, I was very upset. My mom is a doctor who just got her MBA, but the McCall hospital was not recognizing how good and smart she was. The hospital was all messed up and my mom tried to do something about it, but nothing happened. She was so tired of the hospital's not appreciating her hard work, she couldn't take it anymore. My mom told me not to tell anyone, so I tried to keep it out of my mind.

It was about the third quarter when I heard this news. I tried to make the last two quarters count. During middle of the fourth quarter, my parents told me I could start telling people. That was really hard. All my friends said that during the summer we all needed to hang out before I moved. But I couldn't hang out with them a lot, because once summer started I would only have about two weeks before I started camps. After that, I would have to go on a goat packing trip with my mom, dad, brother, and my brother's girlfriend. Then I would have to move to Mt. Shasta. The fourth quarter went by really fast; before I knew it, I was walking around asking people to sign my yearbook. June 7, 2012, was my last day at Payette Lakes Middle School in McCall.

When we arrived at the new house, we inflated the beds and went to sleep. The first two weeks were really stressful… well, for my parents, not for me. The movers came and I helped them out in the beginning, but then they unpacked my scooter. After that, I let my dad do my job while I just explored and rode my scooter everywhere. After everything was in the house, the movers left and we started to unpack boxes. We did not get very far, and for about a week our house was filled with boxes. I had to unpack my backpack and school supplies though, because school was coming really soon.

Monday, August 20th, was my first day at Sisson Middle School. At 8:25 am, I walked into Mr. Fleischman's class. I sat next to Wrenna and Marisa, my first new friends in Mt. Shasta. School was not so bad after I got used to the new schedule. It was a big change from Payette Lakes Middle School, because Sisson had a different schedule than what I was used to in McCall. The teachers and kids here are nice. Moving is hard and you have to leave behind good friends, but I made new ones here. Sometimes it is good to have change in your life.

Slack Lining

by Ben Crogh

To balance on a line is so much fun:
to jump and walk on it is such a blast.
The best of times to slack is in the sun,
because during the day the time goes fast.
The feeling of having oh such a thrill,
is so cool when I feel like I can fly.
If I want to do hard things I will spill.
Try not to jump off of the line so high.
To walk and jump is oh so fun on lines,
it makes me feel as if a bird I be.
I hook the line between two big round pines.
Whenever I slack line I am happy.
I love to walk on my slack line all day,
so full of joy sometimes I say, "hooray!"

Fun in the Sun

by Vivienne Wiegers

Many times this summer, I played on a trampoline. One particular day, I hopped on the dangerous contraption to have some fun in the hot summer sun at my aunt's house. I was playing Marco Polo with my friends Brody, Maddie, Cameron, and Garrett. Brody lost to the "not it" start and played the role of Marco. We jumped around trying to avoid the crawling Marco, yelling "Polo" when we were called. I found myself leaping over Brody whenever I got the chance, shouting in response to the calling boy. Trying not to run into the three other children, I ran around the arranged circle laughing.

Brody was crawling toward me. I could hear him leap across the trampoline. My friends blocked my escape. Walking backwards, I lost my balance. Opening my eyes, I discovered firm ground pressing into my back. There was a small scratch on my leg that I did not notice because I was laughing hysterically. My playmates' faces were filled with concern. As soon as they saw my big smile, they too were laughing. They hopped off of the trampoline and helped me up.

We decided to not play that game anymore, but we still wanted to play on the trampoline. Maddie had the idea of putting the sprinkler under the trampoline. All of us were very excited to frolic in the water. We jumped around, slipping and sliding until we were soaking wet. I slipped into Garrett and he slid off and took me with him. My other companions just laughed until they were crying. Garrett and I laughed too until we realized that he had a huge cut on his arm from the top of the wooden fence. I decided to take us inside and clean up. I really enjoyed playing with my friends on that warm summer day.

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