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My Dogs

by Hallie Tucker
4th grade

I have two dogs: one is named Shiloh; the other one is Sydney. Shiloh is a hunter dog, but she never bites people. She is very, very nice. Shiloh is brown all over her body. She is very old so she has white on her cheeks. When I was a little girl, I used to ride her. She didn't like it, but she didn't bite me -- she just sat down and I fell off. Shiloh has a red fleece jacket. She is as cold as a penguin in a blizzard.

Sydney is black on his back and white on his belly and black, white, and brown on his face. Sydney is as fat as a marshmallow. He is also fluffy. Sydney has white cheeks like Shiloh does, but he isn't old.

My mom was shopping for chew balls and Sydney likes them, but they are supposed to be for our new puppy named Fisher. My mom said ifÊ we get him we all have to pitch in. So I have to walk all of my dogs every day or morning or both day and morning, then I have to feed them and play with them. I also have to clean up Fisher's accidents. When he sees me, he goes crazy. He bites me everywhere. It hurts.

I love my dogs.


by Baylie Holsman
5th grade

Arriving at the huge tennis court, I am eager to play. The green pavement with white boundary lines is soft and smooth. It attracts scorching hot sun, making heat beam on my back like a flashlight while I am waiting to serve. The thought of playing against my mom is great because she never really gets to play with me, although it's fun when she does.

As the ball bounces back and forth over the huge white net, I am determined to get better at tennis during this game. Finally, mom lets a ball whip past and I let out a whoop of joy to know that I am in the lead. In the middle of the game, my body starts to sweat. Wetness trickles down my face and I mop it with a towel.

As the day wears on, I feel the heat of my body is hotter than the sun glaring in the sky. I keep playing until my legs feel worn out and I can't hold the racket any longer. Today we play for two hours, but it feels like the whole day.


by Ben Crogh
5th grade

The sun wasn't even up yet when a car pulled up in our driveway. The front door creaked open; a gust of wind blew through. I heard footsteps coming closer with each breath I took. A voice split the darkness: "Do you want to go fishing?" I was a little confused at first, but I figured out it was my best friend Dustin. Only because it was him, I said o.k.

We went outside and hopped in his dad's truck. I asked, "Where are we fishing?"

"Brownlee Reservoir," he said.

About three hours later, we arrived at the boat docks. Even though we weren't boating, we fished off the docks. I asked for a fishing rod and headed for the middle dock. Dustin caught the first fish -- a blue gill. A blue gill is a fish that has blue gills and reaches up to eleven or twelve pounds. The one I caught was about three pounds -- it was a small mouth bass. A small mouth bass is a tan-green fish that has a pretty big mouth. Dustin's mom made us some turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch, then we started fishing all over again.


by Emma Sabala
4th grade

When I skate at the McCall ice rink, I am trying to land my axel. It is sometimes hard and sometimes it hurts, because when I fall on the ice it is rock hard. An axel is a jump where my skates are crossed together, and I pull my arms to my chest, then I try to get one-and-a-half revolutions in the air.

I just landed my axel on the harness. I am strapped up to a rope and it looks like I am wearing a little backpack. My coach Leesa straps me up tight. She has a rope in her hand and pulls me up tight: the rope that she has is connected to a pulley way up high. From the pulley, the rope comes down and attaches to me. One time she didn't pull up and I landed my axel. When I am off the harness, I am really close to landing it but I get scared because I don't feel the harness on me.

I try the axel a lot because my coach told me and Cameron that we should both try to land ours before Ben, with perfect position! I do it because I want to move up a level and because I think axels are fun to do!


by Ben Crogh
4th grade

My chocolate lab is
fat and soft.
Sometimes, he jumps
into our pond to get all wet
and stinky.
He is very lazy and inept
most of the time.
At night, when snow falls
off the roof, he starts whining.
Ruger is always relaxed when
he's at home.
Even though he is sometimes
naughty, Ruger is still my dog.


by Emma Sabala
4th grade

When I skate, I am
free. In my skating skirt I tie my skates;
step on the ice: it becomes
a new day.
Scratch spinning feels like I am twirling
into foggy sky. When I jump,
I fly with the eagles. The ice
is as white as a snowflake, and
as quiet as a quail crossing the road.
I jump and
I fall on hard ice. When I skate,
I am free.

Suicidal Skier

by Ben Crogh
4th grade

One of the sports I do is skiing. When I ski I don't really care about dying. When I see a big jump, I say in my head, "Bring it on."

My friend Kaden is also a suicidal skier. As I am going down the hill, snow flies in my face like flour falling from the sky. All of a sudden, BOOM, I'm flying. I bend my knees and get ready for serious pain as I land. My friend starts dancing because I'm not dead.

After skiing, we go into the Brindage Lodge and get some pizza for lunch. Then we go out and do it again.


by Sean Crowley
4th grade

A B-52 is a plane. It's two times bigger than a B-17. It has machine guns and two tail wings. It has no belly gun and it smells like gas and smoke.

Once, after Pearl Harbor was bombed, thirteen B-52's flew to Japan to get even. They bombed four tank factories, and then three crashed in the forest. The ten other B-52's killed the Japanese patrols, and then they picked up the other pilots.

Once I played a B-52 video game. My guy only survived five minutes because there were too many Japanese Zero's.


by Hallie Tucker
4th grade

My horse is brown with white spots.
He gallops as fast as the wind
in a big emerald field.
Brownie likes to trot around
the crystal blue
lake. Visiting the waterfall
makes him happy as a dog after a walk.
Then he goes to the daisy
patch to rest in
soft flowers. When he's done
resting, he walks home
to eat hay, then falls


by Ben Crogh
4th grade

The big door opens;
cold air rushes through.
My cheeks turn as pink
as party balloons. Snow as
white as writing paper
drifts down from
the sky. It feels
as cold as Coca-Cola on a hot
summer day. Warm and wet
from my breath, my scarf
droops down over
my face. Stuck
on my shovel, snow
stays glued in clumps. I can
smell the hot chocolate
from outside. Drinking it
will be even better.


by Baylie Holsman
4th grade

Five feet tall like a middle-aged pine:
dirty blonde hair soft as cotton
flaps on thin cheeks. Love
to read all day long; never
behind on my work.


by Hallie Tucker
4th grade

I like to play soccer with my friends. Soccer's fun because the players use a lot of teamwork. Soccer is also dangerous so everyone has to have shin guards. You only can use your feet because if you use your hands you might get hurt. But the goalie can use her hands because if someone kicks the ball high in the air, then the goalie tries to jump up and catch it. If it is coming into the goal slowly, then the goalie picks it up and throws the ball to one of his teammates. The goalie tries to keep the ball away from the goal.

Soccer is played on a wide field that's greener than a raw banana. There are several positions when you play soccer. There are three people forward, two people back, and one person in goal. The people in the front try to take the ball up field and if they miss the goal, the defenders in the back try to steal the ball. If they get the ball, they kick it way up the field and the forward players try to kick it to the goal. If they miss, then the goalie tries to kick it down the other way and the forwards on their team try to get a goal.

There are two goals on each end of the field. If you are nine, ten, or eleven, you have a big goal and a goalie and a bigger field, but if you're younger, then you will have a smaller net and no goalie and a smaller field. I like to play soccer.

MSRT Ski Race

bby Emma Sabala
4th grade

I was nervous about the race when I started to leave from my house. It was so windy when we arrived at Brundage Mountain! I could hear the wind blowing by my face.

We started to go to the lift right after we put our skis on. The wind felt like it was going to freeze my face; I felt like an icicle going up the lift. Then we went on the "Alpine" ski run. A sign said: Race in Progress. Our race was down that run.

We inspected the course when we got down to it. Inspecting means to slip and stop at the same time all the way down the course, to see what the course looks like and to plan what the racer should do while going down the run.

Right after that it was time to race. I was so nervous I felt like I was going to blow up. Then I was up. My stomach had butterflies but in and excited and scared way. The guy at the top started counting down and then I went.

I felt like a jet soaring through the sky in the beginning and the middle; at the end, I had to tuck at the last three gates to get more speed. When I got down, my time was 1:00:40. I placed second.

My dad, sister, and I were going down the run to get our medals on the podium. I felt great when I went up to get my medal! My cousins and I went free skiing after that, and I had the best time ever!

Great Sand Dunes

by Kailey Linden
4th grade

Last summer when I was at the great Sand Dunes, my family and I were going through a little stream. It was only an inch deep and ten feet wide. The water was as warm as a summer breeze. The sun was hot and it felt even hotter with the light reflecting on the sand.

The sand was so hot that it seemed to burn your feet while you walked on the side of the stream. Mom said that we could go play in the water. The sand was wet and soft: when I held it, the sand acted like water because there is so much water soaked up in the sand. On the sand dunes, the wind blows the sand as if it were many grains of rice.

Brundage Mountain

by Hallie Tucker
4th grade

I am driving to Brundage Mountain ski resort. It is two degrees below zero in McCall. I am going to ski with my friend Abby because we have training.

Like I said, it's really cold out here, so we have to wear turtlenecks so our faces don't get cold. We also put some snowpants over our Spyder suits. Then we wear really heavy jackets for our upper bodies.

Down at the bottom of the hill it is like a blizzard. Up here is worse. It is a blizzard and all kinds of stuff, like: blizzard, hard snow, wet snow, and wind. The wind is so windy that it helps the blizzard and also the snow gets carried by the wind and it blows so hard it almost knocks you right off your skis. It almost did that to me.

You cannot even see your partner. I had my friend come with me to ski the jumps, but we didn't because it was so windy. We couldn't even see each other so we had to stop a couple of times. Then I told my friend Abby, "Let's go to the lodge." On our way to the lodge, we could already smell the hot chocolate.


by Ben Crogh
5th grade

I am a ten-year-old
boy who lives in a log
cabin in a forest.
Blue eyes behold the
nature giving me life.
If there is a forest fire
then it takes life
away from me. My blonde
hair lies softly on my head
like polar bear fur, and sways
like tall grass in the wind.
Most of three brothers
and one sister don't get
to see me very often.
I am glad to be me.

Sean's Air Soft Gun

by Hallie Tucker
4th grade

Sean got his first air soft gun last year. His cousin gave it to him. He has friends, Austin and Dustin, who play with the air soft gun. An air soft gun shoots out air. You pull the trigger. A tiny little dot comes flying out. When it's not loaded, it only shots out air. His air soft gun is really important, Sean says, because "it was ten bucks and my mother brought it for me."

Sean likes to hit bugs with it, and loves to play with it outside. The shot from the gun isn't bad. It just sounds like a tiny "bang." The shot gun is clear in the middle and black on the sides. Sean says that he likes to play with the air soft gun with his family. "I like to shoot it on the ground because it hits the tree then bounces and hits the trigger."

Emma's Ball

by Bailey Holsman
5th grade

Emma Sabala has a blue, shiny, useful soccer ball. "My dad gave it to me when I was nine," she says. On the field, Emma kicks and kicks the ball until it makes a goal which, she says, is her favorite part of soccer. But even off the field, Emma plays with her ball all of the time. "I play with it in the water and in my house," she says. Emma did not ask for the metallic blue ball; she just got it for no reason. "I can use this ball all the time for many things," Emma declares.

Baylie's Puppy

by Emma Sabala
4th grade

"My dog's name was Jack," Baylie says. "He died by getting hit by a car; he was five months old when he died." Jack was really important to Baylie. She has kept her dog's collar because Jack was a really special dog. He was a fun chocolate lab, and Baylie and Jack played together a lot. She says they played catch, but Jack never gave the stick back. Baylie says, "I slept with Jack, I played with Jack, and we were friends."

Ben's Tech-Deck

by Kailey Linden
5th grade

Ben got his tech-deck in Boise. A tech-deck is a mini skateboard. Ben does kickflips, stalls, grinds, nose presses, and an "impossible". "An 'impossible,' he says, "is a back flip done by the board." Ben does these tricks with his third and middle fingers. The tech-deck is red, blue, pink, tan, white, black, brown, and gray. There are four wheels attached with bolts. Ben says, "tech-decks are radical!"

Kailey's Gems

by Ben Crogh
5th grade

Kailey has different-colored gems in a bottle. She got the gems in Colorado at a gift shop. While they are not a toy someone could play with, the gems are cut, cleaned, and polished, then put in a bottle. No one else in her family has a bottle of gems. She says, "It reminds me of my favorite summer," and that's why she got it. Kailey likes gems. She says, "I think they're cool."

Hallie's Pin

by Sean Crowley
3rd grade

Hallie's pin is small and silver. She got it a month ago. It's special to her because her dad won it for her. It's not plastic and it's not all metal. It looks real, and it has an eagle on it. Hallie says, "It is very special to me because my dad won it for me." He went to a meeting at Whitetail and drew a number and won it for her. She keeps it in a bag.


by Hallie Tucker
4th grade

Sports like soccer let you run
as fast as a leopard. I like
dogs -- all kinds of dogs -- small
dogs, big dogs, dogs as funny
as seals. At the zoo,
penguins slide on smooth
ground, then dive into cold water.
Chinese food like Lemon Chicken makes
me happy. I love
the smell of dark chocolate
in the morning.


by Ben Crogh
4th grade

My neighbor gave me a new snowboard. I used it last year and intend to use it this year, too. I go down the hill like a penguin on its belly. One of the jumps is as big as me.

I am learning the snake slither -- a type of slalom turn where you put your weight on your toes, then on your heels. When you shift your weight, it carves an edge. My friend Smokey is really good at snowboarding, just like I am.

One day when we went to Brundage Ski Resort, we went to the terrain park. The terrain park is a place with jumps and rails. People usually just goof off and get hurt, but I don't. You just go off the jumps and grind the rails. When you grind, you shave paint off of the rail. After every long day of snowboarding, we go home, get a cup of hot chocolate, and relax.

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