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1st Year Pieces

Ice Shredder

by Marshall Hoke

Sliding across the ice as if slipping on a banana peel,
the Ice Skater performs in the Olympics.
She jumps off the ice like an eagle taking flight,
performs a double axle,
then lands, denting the ice beneath her.
Coming to a stop so fast she trips,
catching herself at the last moment, she prays
for the judge¹s favor.

Lemonade for Sale!!!

by Laurel Faurot

Have you ever been really hot and thirsty in the car after a long drive, but there is nowhere to stop and get something to drink? I sure have, and I know that you can get really miserable. My friend knows that too. Her name is Brie Gendron. She lives in Boise for the school year with her mom, but every summer she comes to McCall and lives with her dad right across the street from me.

Once a year on a really hot day, Brie and I have a Lemonade and Watermelon Sale in her driveway. We save up all winter and then we go to the store and buy two, huge, yummy watermelons, and a ton of lemonade that we keep cool in two gigantic coolers filled with ice. We set up an umbrella and make a sign on a chalkboard right by the road. We usually make from seventeen to twenty-five dollars. One year we made thirty dollars!!!

We rarely stay out there more than three hours. We always have a ton of fun. The most fun part of our sale is running up and down after cars, and advertising the delicious, refreshing treats.


by Adam Summerfield

Emerald Feathers:
so freely.

Royal feathers
reflect love, caring,
quite compact.

Grey feathers
amber eyes, perched
on manzanita.


by Laurel Faurot

Many snicks
on the slanted roof.
Blinding confusion of
Swishing swirls
of hailstones going everywhere.
Strong wind
whooshing past many houses,
spinning snow, like a monster.
Though the noisy wind
tries to break down the
we are all sealed up
sipping sweet, steaming, cocoa
from warm, giant
around a fire burning bright.


by Caitlin Patterson

Part 1

Before creation, the sky was blacker than water is blue. Then, out of nowhere, appeared two giant flowers. One of the flowers, Tilnkiensuunn, was incredibly radiant, as golden and magnificent as a King's crown. The other flower, Zentemoonfleurei, was only slightly radiant, with a silvery whitish color; she was quite beautiful. Tilnkiensuunn absolutely overpowered Zentemoonfleurei. The two flowers bloomed, and out of them came the universe. The earth, the other planets, and all the stars floated out and onward, covering the whole black blanket of a sky. The earth, a bluish color, and wispy whiteness came out of Tilnkiensuunn; other planets and the stars shot like fireworks out of Zentemoonfleurei. Tilnkiensuunn and Zentemoonfleurei were the creators, the makers of all things.

Part 2

Zentemoonfleurei and Tilnkiensuunn arranged the constellations the way they wanted them, and out of the constellations came all things, living and nonliving. The plants and animals, which included humankind, danced down from the constellations, while the nonliving things, dirt, rocks, and other things tumbled down. Some of the rocks are still falling; we see them as meteorites today. All things came to earth, as directed by the two flower gods. Before the dirt and rocks fell down, the earth was a ball of water. The dirt and rocks settled in certain shapes, forming land masses where ocean used to be.

To start with, there were only two humans, but the people multiplied like mosquitoes, and soon they had spread to different regions of the earth, adapting different ways and customs. All people remembered the gods who had created them, though everyone remembered them differently, with different names and functions.

Zentemoonfleurei and Tilnkiensuunn were proud of what they had created, so they took turns watching over the earth. When Tilnkiensuunn was watching over everything, he brought everything he had created with him, the clouds and the blue sky. He put his bright, yellow flower head in the sky to watch over the earth. Zentemoonfleurei brought blackness, the stars, and the other planets with her, and put her silvery white head into the sky. To this day, Tilnkiensuunn and Zentemoonfleurei take turns watching over the earth.


by Willy Smart


Yo listen up, I'm here to say,
recycle or you will pay.
The world of trash is here to stay,
unless you recycle everyday.

Take the time to throw out that can
From there you could make a real good plan
Recycle the newspaper every week,
Don’\'t be a stupid trashy freak.


If you recycle you will see,
That for a healthy earth recycling is the key.
Recycling is fun, it ain't hard,
You won't have to throw your trash on your yard


Don't fill up those huge land fills,
If you recycle you won't get the chills.
The landfills are already way too big,
If you recycle you won't be a pig.


Recycling is actually pretty fun,
You'll barely be started when you're done.
It's not that hard, give it a try,
When your mom asks if you did it, you won't have to lie.


How Earth Came to Be

by Melissa Dammerman

In the beginning, there was nothing. Chaos was everywhere. From the deepest space appeared a blue light. A beautiful star maiden traveled down from the heavens, weeping. She had been searching for a place where she could rest. Like a bolt of lightning, a brown star ran from the south, and said he would make a resting place for her. So he rolled himself into a large ball for her to rest on, but she was not satisfied with the bumpy surface.

Like a clash of thunder, a green star stood by the maiden, and said he would make green things grow over the land and sow a pillow of flowers for her head, but she still wanted more. At the speed of light, a light blue star appeared by the maiden, and said, "I will make a pool of water so that you can drink," but she was still not happy -- something was missing.

Suddenly, a colorful star came like a flash of lighting and said "I will make you living things and beings, like us." He took a bag from his neck, and sprinkled space dust over the big colorful ball. He took water from the pool of water, and sprinkled it over the now-livley land. Soon animals and beings rose up and explored the new earth. The maiden was finally happy, and laid down on the earth under a blue blanket she called sky.

Light, the Creator

by Alina Everett

Before time, or anything, there was Light. Light was everywhere -- except far, far away in the Unknown Land, where his brother, Blackness, dwelled in solitude.

Light became lonely. He decided to make creatures that would worship and praise him. He wanted intelligent beings like himself to talk to. So, taking a bit of himself, he built around it with grains of the black sand his brother had sent him. When the creature was finished, Light shined life into it, naming it Crow.

Crow served light well and kept him company. But Light desired things that were more like himself. He made other creatures, like birds, deer, bears, lions, and snakes. The animals were good to Light; still, he wanted more. So he worked and worked in secret, and finally created Man and Woman. Happy about his creations, Light had finally found what he had truly been looking for.

The creations of Light did not have land to stand on, though. So he made Earth out of more sand. Man, Woman, and the animals lived there happily, building beautiful temples and gardens for Light. However, there was one problem. All of the light hurt the eyes of Light's creations. If only they could find the Unknown Land, and Blackness.

After much thought and conference, the animals decided to let Man ride on Crow's back to search for Blackness. Howling like a coyote, Man leaped onto Crow's back. Crow flew and flew, a black spear in the Light.

Crow and Man were gone for a year. At last, they came upon the Unknown Land. Blackness was there. To Man and Crow he was a hovering cloud of strangeness. Blinking in the sudden, overwhelming darkness that they had never known, man and crow flew down to rest on the land. They were so exhausted, they slept for seven days, as soundly as bears in the winter.

When they awoke, they saw Blackness floating above them. He had not seen Crow or Man. The two slid away, sneaking up behind Blackness. In unison, Crow and Man made every noise they had ever heard. Blackness was so startled, he flew like a mouse from a cat into Light.

The animals cheered, and Blackness, very embarrassed, crept back to his land. But every twelve hours, he sneaks back for another look at the beautiful Earth and all of its wonderful inhabitants. That is why we have night.


by Laurel Faurot

When kittens are sold,
they go from family
to family.
That is why
they like to
win your attention --
like winning a prize
instead of just
giving it to you
right away.
Some cats
are not very attached
to their owners, even
after almost five years.
Though kittens will always be cute,
friendly, and sweet,
some will grow to become
fierce bird hunters
and lazy cats.
What most people fear
for their growing-up kittens is
that theywill simply be
independent oddballs.


by Adam Summerfield

In the beginning, there was nothing but a gooey black substance that covered the planet. All that existed was the god named Echo. When Echo was bored, he made Coyote.

Coyote was crafty and mischievous. One day, Coyote tried to steal Echo's powers. Echo was very angry; he grabbed the Coyote by the ears. He held him for so long that the Coyote ears began to stretch. The ears stretched so long that they were like an elephant's ears. Echo then dropped Coyote, leaving a lot of hair in Echo's hand. Echo blew the hair with his cold, icy breath into the air where it became snow.

Coyote leaped like a frog into the air, trying to get all his hair back. Suddenly, Coyote sneezed, blowing some of the hair farther and farther away. It turned into stars that shimmered like diamonds. As for Coyote, he ran away like a coward, pale as a ghost.


by Laurel Faurot

Once upon a time on Jupiter, everything that lived was a god. The god Jupiter was the ruler of the whole society and he was very good at it. He was best to all the children because his favorite music was pop, and so was theirs.

Jupiter was a gift from heaven. His powers were the biggest. Sometimes the towns of Jupiter were like a wild-mad house with twenty-seven people wanting the exactly the same thing.

One day, the king Jupiter became very ill and needed special help quickly or else he would die. He called his special doctor who seemed like a big pocket full of medicine looked like a mad scientist. The town was in a frenzy.

When the doctor arrived and saw how serious Jupiter's sickness was, he figured that he couldn't do anything. The king had him banished from his room so the docter could invent something to cure the king as with the snap of his fingers.

The whole planet was in shock. God Jupiter was so old since he was the first thing that had come to be. Nothing had been before him. He was first, and no one wanted to lose someone with such great powers.

His people all had magical powers that they could use any time they wanted. The only magical powers that they didn't have were medical things like curing something or bringing back the dead.

With the ruler's last breath, he told the public that they should vote for the next ruler. When he or she was picked, the royal guard would give the next ruler a key to the tower of the king's secrets. The new ruler could keep some secrets and discard the rest. These last words of the king were trapped in a jar. After a couple of years, they were released and fell into the sky and landed on another planet, which is now called Earth.

Years later, the first human was created on Jupiter and sent quickly to the other planet to retrieve the words. The human never returned. Later, a rumor spread that the human had started a whole society and would never be seen again. So far, unlike most rumors, this one rumor has held true.

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